About Wyandotte Confidential

“Wyandotte Confidential” is a blog based in Kansas City. It is a collection of fiction (both serial and short) in the “noir” genre as well as personal posts that shed light on life and the “grit” of Kansas City and the Midwest. This isn’t a “travel blog” or some art students’ “collection of poetry”. This blog features hardboiled writing, focusing on what gets overlooked when people think of the “Heartland” here in the middle of the country.

The writer of this blog comes from a Lebanese and Mexican-American background. He was born and raised in California but went to college in the Pacific Northwest and moved to the Midwest about six years ago. He has lived in Kansas City for the past four years, and is constantly fascinated and inspired by new things he discovers within the city as well as its outskirts on a regular basis. When he is not writing, he is enjoying noir fiction (especially authors such as James Ellroy and Jim Thompson), noir film, politics, smoking Hookah, hitting dive bars, and  watching baseball and basketball.